miércoles, 1 de febrero de 2012

Stupid love,stupid feelings,stupid heart,stupid things....

Why do not i forget you?Because i love you and hate you?Worth it all up for a feeling? I think if.You give life to my heart, because you have you had my heart always.I ask you one thing, never leave me, many people say talk, I always will have, I need you by my side, because you're part of me.I love you, is the only word I can come to see you, touch you, looking at you to think about you, your blue eyes stared into mi.A sometimes kill you, but there are others ... who would not fail to embrace, kiss simply hablarte.Te love will always be so, however much it hurts to kiss you dos.Que What if? You angry? Follow me? Do not part with me? Answer these simple questions and you'll know if you love me like I love you. Stupid love, I am suffering because of you.

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